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About the JCRC | The Jarbidge Area

About the Jarbidge Area: Remote, Wide Open Spaces


Jarbidge Canyon straddles the Idaho/Nevada border in northeastern Nevada. The canyon was carved from volcanic geological formations by the West Fork of the Jarbidge River and is situated north and west of the Jarbidge Mountains and the Jarbidge Wilderness—the highest concentration of peaks over 10,000’ in the state of Nevada. 

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The mining Town of Jarbidge, is at the foot of Jarbidge Peak and known as the most remote town in the lower 48, with a permanent population of 10-15 hardy souls which swells to somewhere around 20-30 residents during the summer. In 2009, the historic town celebrated its Centennial. 


For more information about the Jarbidge Area, check out the links below:


Jarbidge River

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►      Jarbidge River: Wikipedia article here



Jarbidge Wilderness

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."

−John Muir




          “The human mind is a product of the Pleistocene age, shaped by wildness that has all but disappeared.  If we complete the destruction of nature, we will have succeeded in cutting ourselves off from the source of sanity itself.”


—David Orr


















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► Jarbidge Wilderness: Wikipedia Article here and here



Jarbidge Area Geology

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► Jarbidge Area Geology: PDF here



More about the Jarbidge Area


► Town of Jarbidge: Wikipedia article here


► Jarbidge History: here and here


Directions to the Jarbidge Area here


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