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Retreat Center

Retreat Center

The Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center: An Earth & Art Institute offers an inspiring nature setting for retreats for artists & writers, nature lovers & spiritual seekers, as well as a place to explore the creative process and the principles of sustainable living.

► Artists & Writers Retreats: rest, renew that special energy, experiment with new ideas, finish a current project, reinvigorate your work, get into your own Flow! 


► Creativity Retreats: Creativity & the Creative Process are areas of special interest here at JCRC, so we invite you to explore these aspects of yourself—to consider a Creativity Retreat!


► Nature Lover’s Retreats: let the beauty surround you—heal, restore and rejuvenate you, feel your natural rhythms, find your peace, rest!

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► Spiritual Seeker’s Retreats: the ancient art of retreating is more relevant now than ever as an antidote to our overly busy, distracted lives. Give yourself the time to re/connect with your spiritual and/or meaningful life, however you define it for yourself—this is a very powerful healing process that will enrich your life.


► Women’s Retreats: Retreats for small groups of women will focus on three major themes: creativity, spirituality and the value of retreating to awaken and nurture both. A fourth element, wild and stunning landscapes, will be the inspiring backdrop for your retreat—until you discover that all of Creation is an active partner in your process!

Give Yourself the Gift of a Mountain Retreat 


We call it The Eagle’s Nest—you’ll call it Paradise: 

A Retreat for Artists, Writers & All Who Love Nature, Peace & Quiet 


Click here to find out about Renting the Eagle’s Nest

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination, prepared to be herself and

only herself.” 


—Maya Angelou 



"The mystic moves into the inner world . . . “not because he finds his world so bad that he must effect a spiritual retreat from it; but because he finds his world so good that he must perform a spiritual journey to the heart of it.” 


—William Ernest Hocking



"If you are able to transform adverse situations into factors of the spiritual path, hind-rances will become favorable conditions for spiritual practice.” 


—Dalai Lama 


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