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Disconnect and find your Wilderness Within

Despite the wonderful work of all the truly talented nature writers, the experience of being immersed in the natural world is still beyond words. I’ve walked outside this October evening so I can marvel at a starry sky like few ever see. The Milky Way arcs from north to south this time of year, like an immense rainbow made of glimmering light. This moment, listening to the songs of river and crickets—moves me—beyond words.

– Beverly deGero

Photo - Simon Williams

Give Yourself the Gift of a Mountain Retreat 


We call it The Eagle’s Nest—you’ll call it Paradise: 

A Retreat for Artists, Writers & All Who Love Nature, Peace & Quiet 

Make a commitment to yourself to disconnect and learn to practice the art of retreating to reclaim your dreams, your joy and your life!

​Book a stay in the Eagle’s Nest now and save 10% off the nightly rate.  This offer is good for stays through 2018 with a minimum stay of 2 nights. Please note, if you've never been here before, stays begin with a phone conversation so we can help you decide if a visit to JCRC is right for you. Enter your phone number and check the box in the form below and we'll give you a call. Thank you!
(Offer valid through 12/31/18)

Thanks for coming from our Facebook ad.  We appreciate it.  We would love to stay in touch!

“This is my third visit to the Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center—and each time I’ve come here, it’s like entering a well of stillness.”


—Victoria Branch

Stay Longer?

Our pricing policy is designed to make longer stays (real retreats, not just weekends) very reasonable. If you look at the "rent rates" document on Eagle's Nest page, the price/night for a one week stay is about $89. For a month stay, the average cost/night is $83. We're also happy to help you customize your visit to suit your desires and needs. Long-term rentals may be available. Please call to inquire: 800/324-7040 & Thanks!

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