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Events at the Jarbidge Canyon Rereat Center

When the Women Were Drummers

Join us in celebrating the pulsating power of women's drumming!

Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25, 2015

At the Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center

  • Saturday: Make your own Native American Handheld Hoop Drum under the instruction of Judy Rhodes in the art studio at JCRC.

  • Sunday: Learn about the nature of Dreams and dream interpretation enriched and deepened with the aid of the drums, facilitated by Polly Peterson.

  • Saturday & Sunday: Drum, with Mother Drum (Travelin' Gal), hand drums and rattles led by Drum Keeper, Jeanene Hafen.

            This Fall, give yourself the gift of a truly inspiring weekend of nature, healing, self-expression and rhythm!  We will make our own drums, explore our dreams accompanied by the drumbeat, and claim our freedom to tap into our own ecstasy—the ecstasy of the primal rhythms of the Deep Feminine! Wild and stunning Jarbidge Canyon will provide the backdrop for our drumming retreat—as we discover that all of Creation is an active partner in our process!


            If you choose not to make a drum, you will be able to enjoy a solo retreat along the beautiful Jarbidge River immersed in the colors of Fall during that time. Feel free to discuss this option with host, Beverly deGero.


"Heidegger said, ‘A person is not a thing or a process, but an opening through which the Absolute can manifest.’ That’s why drumming is so wonderful . . . It makes room within, because it turns off the mind; it alters brain waves, getting you . . .  to an alpha state and maybe even to a delta state, where you can really let go.”


—Barbara Borden, percussionist


“I lost my drum in the divorce!” It was a time of great distress and it took a while before I noticed the void in my inner life after I had sacrificed my drum. I realized how much I wanted to bring that part of myself back and that I wanted to make my own drum, although I didn’t know how I would accomplish that.

Programs & Facilitators



Making Your Own Drum: On Saturday, we will construct our drums under Judy’s direction beginning with a ceremony to bless and smudge the materials.  The drums will be 15 inch round single-sided with maple frames and unbleached elk rawhide faces. We will also make drum beaters. All materials included. Plan on 5-6 hours to complete your drum & beater.

Lunch on Saturday, will be

provided as part of the event.



Judy Rhodes made her first drum in Idaho in 1991 and began teaching soon after as requests poured in. Since then more than 1,000 drums have been made in her classes! One of her students has become a renowned drum teacher in Arizona. Judy’s interesting story about becoming a drum making teacher will be shared with the group during the event.

One of Judy's drums

Dream Workshop: On Sunday, we will be learning about the nature of dreams and  dream interpretations—a process enriched & deepened with the aid of drums.


Polly A. Peterson, Ph.D., CRC is a transpersonal  psychotherapist with a private practice in Boise, Idaho. She is a trained shaman with extensive experience in shamanism and advanced training in dream interpretation under Robert Moss, author & creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dream work and shamanism. Polly is the author of  Breaking Through . . . Alternative Pathways to Healing


Drum: On Saturday & Sunday, we will learn about sitting at a Native Mother Drum and experience the healing power of drumming in unison with a group. Hand drums and rattles are welcome when not sitting at the Mother Drum. (Note: your new drum will need to dry & cure for three days so it cannot be used during the event.)


Jeanene Hafen is a Drum Keeper who has been sitting at a Native drum since 2000 and a Drum Keeper since 2004. Her Drum Elders are in the Lakota tradition and her teachings come from that lineage. Her drum, Travelin’ Gal is a coed community drum, singing for healing in our communities. Jeanene is also an energy worker who uses plants as helpers.

Nature, Beauty & Your Place Within: As time permits, you will experience your place within the circles, seasons, cycles & rhythms of Nature, guided by the WolfWoman.


Beverly deGero is a photographer, writer & clay artist specializing in nature subjects. Her work is an expression

of the connection between nature and spirituality. She signs her work with her Native American name: WolfWoman or simply WW. She has lived more than 20 years in this remote high mountain canyon in northeastern Nevada where she is building the Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center: An Earth & Art Institute. Bev has been retreating & using the creative process as a lifelong psycho-spiritual practice and enjoys introducing others to the profound benefits of this ancient and powerful Inner Journey.

Art Studio at JCRC


When the Women Were Drummers:

We'll be making our drums here,

in the art studio!

Here's a PDF version of When the Women Were Drummers flyer, if you'd like to share it with anyone.

When The Women Were Drummers (nod to Layne Redmond) will be limited to 16 spirited women so reserve your space early! 


Your investment in the Retreat:               


$105 Drum Materials (Optional: if you are making a drum)

              (Note: your new drum will need to cure for 3 days & cannot be used during the event.)


$130 Programs Facilitation, Saturday lunch and Facility

(Early bird rate before September 1st)


$235 Early Bird Total when Making a Drum



$175 Programs Facilitation, Saturday Lunch and Facility

(Late Registration: September 1-October 10, 2015)

PLEASE NOTE: Last day to register AND make a drum is September 20th, so we can order materials.

Last day to register when NOT making a drum is October 10th.


$280 Late Registration Total when Making a Drum


To register, you may:


Pay by Check

Complete Registration & Release Forms (see links below)

Mail Registration, Release & Check to:

Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center (JCRC)

PO Box 260036, Jarbidge, NV 89826


Pay by Credit Card or Cash using PayPal

Complete Registration & Release Forms (see links below)

Use PayPal to pay by cash or credit card (see PayPal menu & link below)




If you have any questions contact Beverly deGero 

Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center: An Earth & Art Institute





Customize Your Retreat: to help you customize your retreat and consider your options, click

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Retreat Schedule: click HERE for a schedule including dates & times.


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Release Form: complete, sign & return this when you register, click HERE for the form.






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