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The Earth Institute at the

Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center

Earth Institute

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Works in Progress: We envision continuing with our exploration and practice of respectful, sustainable ways to live upon the Earth, such as Deep Ecology, Permaculture, organic gardening, composting, wholistic healing, the culture and use of medicinal plants, voluntary simplicity, alternative energy, green building materials and techniques, non-toxic household, recycling/upcycling, water and energy conservation and self-sufficiency.  We will be learning, practicing and teaching ways to live that honor and protect the precious diversity of the Earth for future generations.  The Earth Institute will also continue studying the wisdom and practices of ancient and contemporary Earth-based cultures in order to rediscover the art of living in harmony with the planet and all the other beings with whom we have evolved for millennia.

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The Earth Institute will continue researching and developing these sustainable-living practices. The goal is to proceed on this course while bringing together a dynamic group working together to design sustainable systems and phased implementation. Each of these phases will include educational, hands-on opportunities that focus on the process.



On April 19, 2015 we had our first Site Visit with Permaculturist Neil Bertrando. It was his opportunity to study the land here and document it so we will be able to work on our design in the future. We covered a lot of ground, literally and figuratively, in our one day and now we'll be exchanging phone calls, emails, documents and photos as we continue the process.


Permaculture Events: We are considering hosting events here so you can learn about this holistic, sustainable and fruitful agriculture model. Sign up for our JCRC Updates (see right column) and we'll keep you posted. Or feel free to send us an email with suggestions and questions.


What is Permaculture?


Permaculture is a design system that reconciles human communities with the ecological imperatives of a living planet. Permaculture design may be used to restore ecosystems, create sustainable farms & healthy towns, & promote economic systems that support Earth care.

Permaculture provides an ethical & holistic foundation for sustainable culture. The principles are derived from three basic ethics: Care for the Earth; Care for people; limit needs & reinvest in the future

The core emphasis of permaculture is that landscapes are complex & integrated wholes. Ecosystems are healthy & relatively stable when their parts are connected in a diverse web of relationships. In a Permaculture design, decisions flow naturally from observations of these relationships. Decisions that arise from connection are inherently functional & frequently beautiful.

Permaculture uses the energies of wind, sun, water, soil & the myriad biological processes of the world’s organisms. These powerful energies, used appropriately, assist in reclaiming soils. Forest, prairie, & river systems regenerate. Waste products are minimal & reused. Human Communities provide for their own needs in small, efficient farms & gardens, allowing the broad landscape to return to health.

Permaculture is a body of knowledge, susceptible to learning & teaching. But it is is also a way of organizing knowledge, a connecting system that integrates science, art, politics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, & the diverse experiences & resources available in any community.


—Ben Haggard


For a diverse collection of Permaculture definitions, go to:

Here's the link to an insightful article on Permaculture Design:


Permaculture Design Process Begins at JCRC

“It seems crazy to attempt the impossible, yet it brings about a strength that can’t be gotten otherwise." 


‒‒William R. Stimson



“Let nature be your teacher." 


‒‒William Wordsworth

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." 

‒‒Frank Lloyd Wright



          “The Sun, the moon

and the stars would have disappeared long ago . . .

had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands.”


−Henry Ellis

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