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Welcome to the Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center!

Picture yourself in one of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes you can imagine. Breathe the crisp mountain air deeply—all the way into your being. As you exhale, let go all your cares and worries, all your stress and distractions. 

Jarbidge Canyon: Wild Beauty

Lift your eyes to the azure of the mountain sky and watch the many moods pass overhead. Stroll along the river and listen to the rapids, the birds and the wind. Put your feet up in the evening and contemplate the light sliding up the eastern canyon as the colors of sunset deepen and the day slips seamlessly into the night. Watch the stars appear and the constellations journey across the sky. Feel the night. Rediscover the seasons, cycles and phases that run through all of nature—including your nature. Meditate on the silence. Dive into your inner landscape: your Wilderness Within. Let yourself feel inspired. Discover parts of yourself that are new and exciting—revelations that spark your imagination. Let yourself be at peace.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Mountain Retreat 


We call it The Eagle’s Nest—you’ll call it Paradise: 

A Retreat for Artists, Writers & All Who Love Nature, Peace & Quiet 


Click here to find out about Renting the Eagle’s Nest

“This is my third visit to the Jarbidge Canyon Retreat Center—and each time I’ve come here, it’s like entering a well of stillness.”


—Victoria Branch




“Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


—Albert Einstein



Time Out of Mind


“You will discover your own rhythms and flow and remember what it feels like to live in Kairos Time . . . the ancient Greeks had two words for time: Chronos was mechanical, clock time and Kairos was timelessness or time out of mind.”


—Beverly deGero

(Thank you, Marge Kaiser!)




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Creativity - R. Carlos Nakai

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